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Over the three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft,'s panel of experts will answer the hot questions leading up to selection day.

Question 4: Is there a potential Brady Quinn in the Draft, someone who could slide a long way if not drafted early?

Steve Lappas
Al Thornton from Florida State is a guy that could slide a bit. He's a guy that's very athletic, but I think people question what of kind of skill set he has to play the three-spot in the NBA.
Pete Gillen
I think there could be a lot of potential Brady Quinns, because from what I understand, a lot of agents kept their players out of workouts. The name that jumps out at me is Acie Law IV, the great point guard from Texas A&M. The NBA people think the three point guards are Mike Conley Jr. from Ohio State, Law, and Javaris Crittenton, the freshman from Georgia Tech. Conley will surely be the top point guard taken, possibly by Atlanta at number three. Law was a great college player, but he's not a great athlete, he's not a great shooter and his speed is OK. I think that Crittenton could go ahead of him because of his athleticism and his size. I think he'll be a first round pick for sure, but I think he could drop from Top 15 to possibly near the end of the first round.
Sean Farnham
As you look at guys in the first round, I don't necessarily see the Brady Quinn scenario because NBA guys really evaluate on talent, and will take talent over need a majority of the time. I know Isiah Thomas earlier this week said they might pass on the best player available to fill a need, but Isiah should look at his roster and realize that they have needs at every position. I don't think you're gonna see a guy like an Al Horford or a Corey Brewer or a Jeff Green or Julian Wright slide down the board.