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Question 3: O.J. Mayo is on his way to USC. Did Nick Young make a mistake by leaving for the pros?

Steve Lappas
I think Nick Young should have stayed at USC regardless of whether O.J. Mayo was coming or not. He is an excellent, versatile player, but he really needs to get stronger. With a guy like Mayo coming in, the Trojans would have been a title contender if Young had stayed, rather than just a Top 10 team.
Pete Gillen
Nick Young had a great year and played very well in the NCAA Tournament, but I think he should have stayed at USC. He could have enjoyed playing with O.J. Mayo, who is a great passer and a polished guard. Maybe he was concerned that he would be outshined by a superstar coming into the program, but Mayo is an unselfish player and great passer, and I think that would have added to Young's talents. Young is a great player, but needs to get stronger and I think he jumped the gun a bit by going to the NBA.
Sean Farnham
O.J. Mayo is a point guard, but he loves to shoot the ball, so he is going to eat up some shots. I don't question Nick Young wanting to go to the NBA. I have known him since he was in high school, and his family has gone through a great deal. This is a player who actually spent five years in high school because of some of the off-court issues he had to deal with, with his brother passing away and his mother trying to protect him from some of the things his brother fell into. For Nick Young, this is a personal decision and a decision that makes sense. If he would have stayed, I'm not sure that it would have made him (or his statistics) any better than they are right now.