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Question 2: Jeff Green left Georgetown for the NBA, while Roy Hibbert returned. Did they each make the right decision?

Steve Lappas
I think they both made good decisions. Jeff Green is going to be in the lottery, which is always a key for a kid who leaves early. It was unsure whether Hibbert was going to be drafted that high. Plus, his offense really started to develop over the second half of the season, so he is now in the process of improving. Without Green back, there is going to be more heat on Hibbert to score more, which I think is going to help him.
Pete Gillen
I think they did. Both players are very mature and both did what was best for them. Jeff Green is a tremendously skilled big guy who can go out on the floor and shoot the three. He passes well, can handle the ball and can shoot off the dribble. His stock could not have been any higher, coming off the Big East Player of the Year award. I think he is ready and made the wise decision. Roy Hibbert has come a long way at Georgetown and has gotten better each year. He certainly could play in the NBA, but would most likely be on the bench and not seeing much playing time. In his case, another year of college will definitely help him.
Sean Farnham
I think they both made the right decision. By going back to Georgetown, Hibbert has the opportunity to be next year's Greg Oden if he continues to work on his footwork and getting up and down the floor a little quicker. His overall understanding of the game is there, and I think he can be the centerpiece of the Hoyas' success next season, as well as the center that people will be paying attention to all season. Jeff Green's game is ready to go to the NBA right now. If he had gone back to school, he potentially could have been one of those guys that stayed a year too long, giving scouts a chance to pick apart his game and find some deficiencies. He is striking while the iron is hot and made the smartest decision he could make.