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Over the three weeks leading up to the NBA Draft,'s panel of experts will answer the hot questions leading up to selection day.

Question 1: Who will have the bigger impact as a rookie: Greg Oden or Kevin Durant?

Steve Lappas
As a rookie, Kevin Durant is going to have a bigger impact. He is going to score and rebound more. The bigger long-term upside, however, is Greg Oden's. He is the type of player that can lead a team to a title, simply because he is a premier big man. But right now, Durant's skills are better.
Pete Gillen
I think Greg Oden will have a bigger impact as a rookie. Kevin Durant is a tremendous player and a talent that comes around once every ten years, but a guy like Greg Oden only comes around once every 25 years. With his rebounding and shot-blocking, plus his ability to change and alter shots by pure intimidation, his impact will be felt immediately on the defensive end of the floor. He is a little rough around the edges offensively, but the defense will be the difference. Both players will have great rookie years, however.
Sean Farnham
Kevin Durant has the opportunity to score more points than Oden, but I think Oden's overall impact will be much larger. I expect Portland to make the NBA Playoffs next season, and a big reason for that will be Oden's contributions on the defensive end of the floor. He is a bit raw offensively, but he has the ability to block shots and take up space in the middle, and in today's NBA, you need to have a big guy down low who will do that. His presence will also allow Zach Randolph to focus more on his offensive game and not worry about things defensively.