Trojan Player Q&A

Justin Gemoll and Rik Currier talk about being in Omaha!


June 8, 2000

Senior third baseman Justin Gemoll

What is your initial reaction in your first trip to Omaha?
This is unbelievable. Just walking into the stadium with everyone, it's looks like it does on television and it's awesome.

How is the team feeling entering the College World Series?
We are not thinking about our streak (15-game winning streak). We are just coming here to win the whole thing and thinking about our streak.

What is the mindset of the team right now?
We are excited, but at the same time we are relaxed. We are not the favorite here as we are kind of the underdog. We are just out here to play hard and have fun.

Junior pitcher Rik Currier

This is your second trip to Omaha. What is different this time compared to 1998? The first time, I was a freshman. As a freshman, you don't know what's going on. This year, it was a goal of our team and more of a part of this team this year. As a freshman, I didn't have any expectations and now coming back for the second time, I know how it is here.

What is your advice for the freshmen and players who have not been here before?
Just take it as any other game. Basically, that's what it is but just the circumstances around it is what makes it different. That's how I took it my freshman year and it worked. It's pretty fun to see these guys all excited because it reminds me of when I was a freshman. It's pretty awesome.