Georgia Tech Featured in College Baseball Video Game

Game to be available in late January.

Georgia Tech will be featured in MVP 06 NCAA Baseball by EA Sports.

Georgia Tech will be featured in MVP 06 NCAA Baseball by EA Sports.

Dec. 20, 2005

Georgia Tech will be among the schools featured in the upcoming college baseball video game, MVP 06 NCAA Baseball by EA Sports. The game is scheduled to be released in January.

Georgia Tech In-Game Photo Gallery

Information on MVP 06 NCAA Baseball from EA Sports:

The makers of the highest-rated and top-selling baseball game of the past three years have created a completely new baseball experience: MVP 06 NCAA® Baseball. Inspired by the spirit and emotion of collegiate athletics, MVP 06 NCAA Baseball is the first-ever college baseball game.

Renowned for the ping of the aluminum bat, college baseball is an offensive minded game and the new Load and Fire Batting System reflects this. With the aid of the right stick and all-new swing types, players can take complete control of their swing - protect the plate with the mentality of a contact hitter or swing for the fences like a slugger. Featuring the top universities and conferences, you can battle your way to the NCAA College World Series in Omaha and enjoy the game like a kid again.

Key Features

• EA SPORTS Load and Fire Batting System - Take full command of your swing using the right stick. With Load and Fire Batting, you load your back swing as the ball accelerates towards you and at the right moment fire your swing through the zone towards the incoming pitch. Featuring multiple new swing types, it's as close as you can get to the game without actually putting on a uniform.

• The Road to Omaha - MVP 06 NCAA Baseball features an exclusive NCAA Baseball license with 128 universities, the top conferences, plus 19 authentic ballparks including Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the NCAA College World Series in Omaha.

• ESPN Integration - MVP 06 NCAA Baseball is the first game in the EA SPORTS portfolio to integrate ESPN in a way that will completely redefine the gaming experience. Featuring a live ESPN ticker recognizable from TV broadcasts, ESPN Radio Sportscenter updates every 20 minutes and news from, you'll stay completely up to date in the world of sports while you play. Powering this ESPN Integration is Online Everywhere, an all-new feature that allows users to be online* all the time regardless of where they are in the game. This new MVP technology offers instant access to features such as ESPN content, EA Messenger and more.

• Precision Throw Control - Gun down runners at home or make an easy toss to first as you control the power and accuracy of your throws using the right stick. You may take aim at your target, but where the ball ultimately ends up is dependant on how well you execute the throw.

• Deeper Dynasty Mode - Build an authentic college dynasty with year-round recruiting, stat tracking and NCAA Challenges that reward your performance with new authentic gear that not only looks cool, but also increases your on-field performance. With the right gameplan, you can work your way up in the NCAA ranks and travel on the Road to Omaha.

• Creation Zone - Customization is the name of the game with the enhanced Creation Zone, where users can completely personalize their own experience and build a college program from the ground up. Assemble your favorite team using Create-a-Team, morph your players' appearances in Create-a-Player and tweak the heights and distances of the stadium walls with the overhauled Custom Ballpark feature - MVP 06 NCAA Baseball gives the user endless possibilities.

• Broadcast Style Presentation - See MVP Baseball like never before with new visual enhancements, television-style presentation, top ESPN announcers Mike Patrick and three-time All-American pitcher Kyle Peterson, calling the action and more.

• NCAA or Summer Rules - Be it the ping of aluminum or the crack of the wooden bat that you seek, you have the choice to play with NCAA Rules, Summer Rules, or a hybrid of the two. MVP 06 NCAA Baseball puts fans in control of the experience, so the user can play the brand of baseball they prefer.

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