Bulldog Park Undergoing Significant Upgrades

Baseball infield gets major facelift.

Nov. 6, 2008

Indianapolis, Ind. - Bulldog Park, the home of the Butler baseball team, is currently undergoing a major renovation on the field. Athletic Field Development Co. is handling the project, which, when finished, will give the infield a much-needed attention.

Major renovations will include a new pitcher's mound and home plate area. New laser-graded dirt and top dressing on the infield, as well as the removal of lips and uneven edges, will help provide a much more consistent playing surface.

Additionally, new sod has been added around the first base, third base, home plate and pitcher's mound areas, as well as other places in the infield that receive the heaviest wear.

"Our players are excited about the new playing surface," head coach Steve Farley said. "Our outfield is in good shape, but we felt we needed to do some major work on our infield. We also thought it was a great time to put in a professionally built mound and home plate area.

"Our infield dirt surface will be the same as the one used at Victory Field, so our infielders will really notice a big difference.

"We've had an outstanding fall practice season and our players have worked hard," Farley added. "This new construction will give our program a big boost."

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