Lady Vol Diary - Tricia Weaner

Tricia Weaner

Sept. 9, 2008

Belief is an important word and I did not know how significant of a role it played in my life until last year.

I didn't truly start to believe in myself until NCAAs and then I made a change. I changed the way I looked at every day in general, let alone, every practice.

Before every practice, I believed that I could do any task that was thrown my way. I began and ended every practice with belief in myself and my teammates and continue to do this. I started to realize that to be extraordinary, you must believe in yourself everyday and at every moment. When you believe in yourself it allows you to create your own future.

For our team to be extraordinary, we must not only believe in ourselves but believe in each other. No matter what walls we might face, we must not only get past them, but get passed them with determination, belief and pride. This team has the ability to be greater than any other team that has come before us. In order to achieve this greatness, we all must work together, give our very best at all times and most importantly, we must unite and act as one.

One team that believes.



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