Swimming and Diving Practice Begins

The Bulldogs return to the pool after a four-year absence.

Head diving coach Taryn Ignacio led the dive team in the first day of practice.

Sept. 8, 2008

FRESNO, Calif.- The Fresno State swimming and diving team picked up their gear and hit the pool Monday (Sept. 8) for their first practice of the season after a four-year absence.

Sixteen swimmers and five divers congregated for practice under the direction of head coach Jeanne Fleck, assistant coach RYan Purdy, head diving coach Taryn Ignacio and volunteer coach Ben Britten.

Swimmers warmed up with a 600 meter freestyle swim to start, and focused on kicking with a 300 meter kicking drill with the kickboard. The team also drilled on specific stroke technique, breaking down the strokes into steps and practicing streamlines off the wall, focusing on head and body placement.

"It is really good to have athletes in the water for the first time," said Purdy. "We did a lot of stroke drills and work on technique. Swimming is really focused on the core."

Dive coach Taryn Ignacio started practice with a warm-up run, and led the team through intense stretches. In the pool, the divers worked on basic drills in hurdles and jumping.

"I feel really good about this upcoming season," said Ignacio. "The girls did really well in practice. They showed a lot of good form and technique."

Both swimmers and divers concluded practice with land drills out of the pool with various equipment including a medicine ball, which the team used to do partner throws for building strength. Ignacio also led the group in abdominal exercises.

The 'Dogs will open the season Oct. 18 at UC Santa Cruz.

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