Tiger Rifle Team Falls to Nebraska

Nov. 10, 2005

MEMPHIS, TENN. - The University of Memphis Rifle team suffered a loss to Nebraska at home as the Huskers turned in an aggregate score of 4673 and the Tigers turned in a 4608.

Memphis shot 2317 in air rifle and 2291 in smallbore, while Nebraska tallied 2341 in air and 2332 in smallbore. The top five shooters in the smallbore division were all from Nebraska, but Memphis took the individual title in air with Krissey Bahnsen shooting 589.

Below are the results for Memphis:

Air Rifle
Krissey Bahnsen    1st    589
Jessica Jasis      9th    573
Andrew Hahn       10th    573
Brian Phillips    11th    572
Katie Harrington  12th    570

Smallbore Jessica Jasis 6th 577 Katie Benjamin 7th 574 Brian Phillips 8th 573 Krissey Bahnsen 9th 568 Andrew Hahn 10th 567



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