Jacob E. Osterhout is a graduate student in non-fiction writing at Columbia University and a frequent contributor to various media outlets such as the New York Daily News, Sports Illustrated: On Campus and Hall of Fame Magazine. Jacob's interest in sports writing stems from his early days playing basketball on the mean streets of DC. His unique pass-first style of play and in-bounding aptitude remain a part of early 90's hoops folklore. At one point, Gary Williams even complimented Jacob on his "hustle" while both were in the snack line at the University of Maryland basketball camp. Unfortunately, Jacob's playing career expired his first year at Dartmouth when he was cut from the school's varsity team for his unorthodox rebounding technique. Not to be discouraged, Jacob has taken his game to all five boroughs of New York City where he is currently dominating the pick-up basketball scene.


Matthew Waxman has been writing about college sports, for the past five years, for Sports Illustrated: On Campus, SI.com and most recently NBCSports.com. A former point guard, Waxman is a scholar of basketball x's and o's - he was selected to ghostwrite a basketball fundamentals book for Magic Johnson before Magic flaked - but what really gets his blood pumping is the culture that surrounds college hoops. When not writing about student sections, pep rallies and tailgate parties, Waxman can be found coaching precocious Manhattan eighth-graders on the intricacies of the high pick-and-roll.