March 25, 2007

All in the family

Right after Georgetown Coach John Thompson III snipped the net's final nylon string, he looked out on the gathered Hoyas' supporters from his perch, up on the ladder. "We. Are." said coach. "Georgetown," fired back the crowd on cue. But they might as well have said, "Family."

Roy Hibbert was smiling after the game. Roy Williams--not so much

It was like a family reunion on the court after the Hoyas tk-tk win over UNC. The Hoyas' players formed a single-file line before el padrino former Hoyas coach, John Thompson Jr., sitting courtside doing radio commentating, to give him a hug. At last, John Thompson III and his father met, their embrace lasting a good thirty seconds.

"We going to the A," Patrick Ewing Jr. hollered to his family in the crowd, while making the new sign for Atlanta, an upside-down peace sign. As his mother and sisters made their way to the court, Ewing Jr. went over and hugged his father, as the New York media scored their evening news clip.


Guard Jessie Sapp's mother dabbed at tears from her eyes. Roy Hibbert scanned the crowd for his parents and, upon spotting them, motioned for them to come down. When they reached the floor Hibbert's mom couldn't stop jumping up and down, her voice quaking with excitement. The star center pulled two strands of the net from behind his ear and presented them to his parents. Mrs. Hibbert continued to jump up and down. "You OK?" asked the Roy "Your stomach, OK?"

Green was money against UNC, finishing with 22 points on 10 of 17 shooting.

Ewing Sr came over and shook Hibbert's dad's hand. "Congrats, sir" said Ewing. Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who's son Jeremiah plays on the team, came over and embraced the former Knick. "We've got both days off," said Rivers, of the semifinal and final game dates, "so I'll see you in Atlanta." A guard informed Rivers that he needed a credential to be on the court. Ewing tugged at his credential beaming like proud papa.

Back in the locker room, Rivers, the son, talked about the feeling of winning in front of his dad. "All the practice in the's special," said Jeremiah. "He never went to a Final Four, so now I have bragging rights." Asked about his impression of the Hoyas' upcoming Final Four opponent, Rivers responded, "Is that who we have? Ohio State?"


Moments later the elder Ewing burst into the locker room. "Where's junior?" he asked to no one in particular. "Junior, you in the shower?" he hollered. "Come find me when you get out. We're waiting on you."

Yep, just like family.

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