Matt Meyers is a 2002 graduate of Bates College where he helped his intramural softball team reach the finals that year as a defensive specialist in the mold of Endy Chavez. His playing career peaked with championships in 1990 and 1992 while playing in the South Riverdale little league in The Bronx, but he still can't get over losing to Tom Emanski's team in back-to-back-to-back AAU national title games as a teen.

Since hanging up his spikes this New York City native has written for ESPN the Magazine and spent two years on staff at Baseball America. He loves the college game and hopes this trip will help him find out why so many college teams insist on wearing white cleats.


Evan Markfield has been writing about sports for the last 10 years, including the last five at Carolina Blue magazine, covering UNC's Tar Heels. He has also contributed to publications such as ESPN the Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Baltimore Sun, and a host of other newspapers.

As far as baseball expertise, he learned in Little League that you should always wear a mask when catching for a pitcher who is warming up, or you might just break your nose. (He learned a similar broken-nose lesson playing street hockey once, but that doesn't really apply here.)

Markfield enjoys making: a) music, and b) a fool of himself. And as any of his friends will readily attest to, he is not known for being very shy. That's why it's the idea of interacting with the country's finest college-baseball fanatics and seeing what makes them tick gets him fired up.