CSTV Fantasy College Football

Welcome To the CSTV College Football Weekly Challenge

By Mark Rieker
Special to CSTV.com from Leaderboard Sports

CSTV's new College Football Weekly Challenge has launched! It's easier to learn than the spread offense, and best of all it's free. In a matter of minutes you too can be picking the best fantasy college teams each week for a chance at great prizes.

Here's how to play the game:

Sign Up
Click on the Sign Up Now button to create a new CSTV Fantasy Games Account. If you've previously registered for CSTV's College Fantasy Football, you can login using the same account. You'll be taken to a screen where you can select which game you'd like to enter. Click on the College Weekly Challenge logo on the right, and you'll be on your way.

Name Your Team
You can name you entry anything you'd like. Feel free to name your team in a way to taunt your opponents.

Select Your Squad
Now you have to decide which college teams will lead your fantasy squad to glory. You'll see every Division 1-A team listed along with a team market value. The teams are rated from defending National Champion USC all the way to 1-A newcomer Florida International. You'll need to select one team for each of the six positions on your team while keeping your team's total market value under 100 units. You can select each of the six positions using links at the top of your team page. Remember; keep an eye on your team total to ensure that you stay under the 100-unit limit. If you exceed the limit, you'll get a warning. Your team will receive zero points for the week if you're over the limit, so find the best possible combination for less than 100 units.

Find Yourself A Home:
It's not enough to be able to choose the best college teams each week; you have to be able to brag about it! The Find League link at the top of the page will allow you to join an existing league or create your own. By clicking on the Create Group link, you can name your league and set the league motto to ensure you attract fans with similar interests. If you make the league public, it will be open to all players. Or you can make it a private league and set a password that you control.

March to Victory:
Each week the market values of the teams change depending on their performance the week before. But any teams on a Weekly Challenge squad have their values locked as long as they stay on a team. If the value of your college teams rise, you'll be getting a bargain for selecting them while they were still cheap. But if the value of your teams fall, you can renegotiate the value down to the current market value by clicking the Renegotiate Value link. Remember, renegotiating value will only lower your team values, it will never raise your team values. You can't lose! Renegotiating value can free up some value to use to grab this week's big winners.

Track Your Performance:
Each week you can track the point totals for your team and see how you stack up in your league. Your team page also has statistics showing how you rank among everybody playing the game. You may think you know college football, but with CSTV Weekly Challenge you can find out if you're the best player anywhere.