CSTV Fantasy College Football

Introduction to the Fantasy Bowl

By Mark Rieker
Special to CSTV.com from Leaderboard Sports

Welcome to the Fantasy Bowl, CSTV's new fantasy college football game for the happiest time of the year - the bowl season!

The Fantasy Bowl is a bigger, better version of CSTV's Weekly Fantasy Challenge game. Players put together a squad of college football teams, then score points when their teams rack up passing or rushing yards, score passing or rushing touchdowns, produce turnovers or win their bowl game.

The same scoring rules used throughout the season apply to the Fantasy Bowl, so teams starting in your passing slots will only get credit for passing performances, teams starting in your rushing slots will only get credit for rushing performances, etc. Determining where a given team will best perform is one of the keys to success in Fantasy Bowl.

But don't be fooled into thinking it's as easy as selecting LSU, Texas and USC. Each college football team has a value based on how they performed during 2005. You have to fill 6 roster slots without going above the 120 unit limit. It won't be enough to focus on the teams playing in Pasadena and Miami. You'll need to know who's playing in Memphis and Boise as well.

With 28 bowl games there are only 56 teams available for each league to choose from, so you'll have to focus hard to find those sleeper teams that can separate a team from the rest of the league. Check back later for a strategy article to help choose a roster.

We'll also be providing the real rosters being used by our fantasy writing staff, with explanations on how they chose their team. With your college football knowledge and CSTV's Fantasy Bowl, you could be on your way to winning a brand new video I-Pod with CSTV persoalized CSTV content featuring your favorite teams!