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Bowl Season: The Fantasy Bowl Predictions

By Jeff Jamieson
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Budgeting Your Picks
The Fantasy Bowl Contest gives you a total budget of 120 credits to pick a team to be made up of two passing offenses, two rushing offenses, one defense and one coaching team. That works out to 20 credits per team on average. There are six teams in the pool that are worth more than 25 credits and six teams that are worth less than 15 creidts. The big challenge obviously is to find at least one less valued team for every big name team you want to put on your squad.

Finding Some Bargains
Start with the cheapest teams for coaching and defense and work your way up the list until you find a choice you like in each category. Identifying your cheaper picks first will let you know how much you have left to spend on some big names on offense.

Hot Passing Picks
The Texas Tech Red Raiders ranked first with 4,440 yards, 33 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. They go against a tough Alabama defense. USC ranked fifth in passing offense, and Arizona State ranked third. You want to get the best passing offense you can afford after making other selections because here is where the explosive point scoring is possible. Other top passing offenses to consider are UTEP, Oregon, Louisville and Northwestern. My picks are USC and UTEP.

Solid Rushing Game Picks
The best rushing attack available for fantasy points is Texas, which racked up 3,025 yards and 45 touchdowns, at a cost of $31.75. Next best is USC, which went for 2,743 and yards and 41 touchdowns, at a cost of $31.34. Better options for the price are Minnesota at a price of $23.26, Memphis at $16.90 and Navy at $16.20. These three teams also ranked in the top six of the official NCAA team rushing statistics. Going against the 104th ranked rushing defense of Colorado State makes Navy a great bargain. My picks are Navy and Memphis.

Who to Pick on Defense
Your defensive team selection gets rewarded for sacks, fumbles recovered, interceptions and defensive touchdowns scored. Possibly the best defenses in the nation this year week in and week out were Alabama and Nebraska. But the Crimson Tide go up against perhaps the most prolific offense in Texas Tech, and the Huskers match-up is against a Michigan team that did not give up many turnovers. Boston College is a relative bargain at $16.61 and faces a high scoring offense in Boise State that turned the ball over 31 times this year. My pick is South Florida, a bargain at $15.43 that scored a whopping 240 points on defense this year (only two teams scored more) going against a N.C. State team that turned the ball over 23 times. Coaching
All or Nothing for the Cheapest Price: The scoring system provides for 25 points if a selected team wins and 40 if it beats a ranked opponent, and zero points if it loses. The three cheapest options in the game are Georgia Tech, Kansas and N.C. State, and all are favored by many experts to beat their opponents. This represents three good bargain picks for the 25 points. If you feel you must go for the 40 points in coaching, your cheapest options are Alabama at $14.67 and Nebraska at $15.49. If you have the budget available, my choice is Georgia at $18.48 to beat West Virginia for 40 points.

My Team
USC, Passing
UTEP, Passing
Navy, Rushing
Memphis, Rushing
Georgia, Coaching

Total cost $120.00. Good luck !!