At CSTV, we believe that sports are more than just a game. Sports has the power to provide young people an opportunity to live their dreams. That’s why we’ve created the FIELDS & DREAMS FOUNDATION, dedicated to helping underserved high school, junior high and elementary students increase academic achievement through athletics.

Many national studies have shown that student–athletes have a significantly lower incidence of crime, drug use, and teen pregnancy, and are also better students and better prepared to enter the work force than non-athletes. Because of recent budget cuts, fields are overgrown, gymnasiums are in disrepair, and equipment is often old and unusable. Some communities are forced to cut organized sports because they simply don’t have enough funds to support them. Our goal is to provide these schools with the resources they need to refurbish deteriorating facilities, buy new equipment, and set up mentoring programs so students can continue to achieve their dreams through athletics.


The Big Game For The Big Easy
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Fields & Dreams sponsored the Tulane — Mississippi State football game that featured a telethon to raise funds for victims of the Gulf Coast region. Dubbed “The Big Game For The Big Easy,” the event helped generate more than $100,000 to restore athletic facilities and Boys & Girls Clubs in some of the hardest hit areas.

S.A.T. Prep For Student–Athletes

With average S.A.T. scores in Newark, NJ at 790, Fields & Dreams decided to set up an S.A.T. prep program to help students raise their test scores so that they could become academically eligible to compete in NCAA sports. Programs established in Newark, Trenton and Dallas have been tremendously successful, with some students raising their scores more than 250 points.

Boys & Girls Clubs

Fields & Dreams works closely with Boys & Girls Clubs across the country to help them with fundraising, facilities restoration, and program implementation. In 2006, we assisted the Clubs of Garden Grove, CA, New Orleans and Newark, NJ with a donations to help repair their gymnasiums. Fields & Dreams also provided over 2,000 tickets for its Club members to attend C-USA, Mountain West, Big West and FIVB Championship games.


  • Expand SAT Prep program across the country
  • Introduce new sports to inner city athletes such as volleyball, wrestling and lacrosse
  • Restore facilities in more underserved communities around the country


  • Securing sports equipment improvements through our advertisers and university partners
  • Implementing an athletic-based mentoring program using current and former athletes and coaches
  • Creating greater exposure for high school students to the breadth of college sports
  • Generating more awareness about the wide variety of athletic scholarships for high school students
Former Senator and Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Bradley serves as co-chairman of the Fields and Dreams Foundation. But realizing this ambitious vision will require the cooperation, creativity, and generosity from many outside sources. Specifically, we seek partners for funding, as well as coaching and mentoring programs sponsors, equipment and facilities donors, and general operation supporters. Naming and publicity opportunities are also always available. To participate in this worthy community-based program, we encourage you to contact:

John Curtis
Director, The Fields & Dreams Foundation

85 10th Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011
(646) 731–2310

Help us break the cycle of poverty for low-income students by motivating them and enabling them to reach the goal of securing a college education.