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Lemming's Top 100 Update

CHAT LIVE With CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming

Welcome to the CSTV.com moderated chat room!

On Thursday, October 27 at 3:00 p.m. ET, CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming enters the CSTV chat room. Tom will be taking all of your college football recruiting questions.

Tom Lemming

Recognized as the country's leading expert on college football recruiting and high school talent, Lemming's analyses and rankings of the country's leading high school athletes have been regularly featured in national publications. Lemming tirelessly logs thousands of miles each year to evaluate more than 1,000 of the top high school football players across the country. He is also the editor of Prep Football Report, considered to be the "bible of the recruiting industry".

** GET YOUR QUESTIONS IN NOW!!: Tom won't be stopping by until 3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, October 27th, but feel free to submit your questions now and we'll save them for his arrival!
CSTV.com Moderator: Tom is delayed for a few minutes, but we will be starting the chat shortly.
CSTV.com Moderator: Tom is now with us, so we can get underway.
Tom Lemming: Hello, back again. Feel free to ask any questions about college football recruiting.

Steve (Long Beach): Hey Tom, great work by the way. I love the fact that you're not a USC hater like some "other" people out there. Do you think USC will end up with Percy Harvin and LeSean McCoy and the No. 1 recruiting class?
Tom Lemming: I believe if USC has enough scholarships they will end up with the No. 1 recruiting class. They would have last year if they had had close to the same number as Nebraska. I think they have a great shot at Harvin and either LeSean McCoy, Emmanuel Moody or Michael Goodson at tailback.

Herman (Washington, D.C.): Will Michigan have a good recruiting year? Will their class be in the Top 25?
Tom Lemming: Yes, they've had a good recruiting year, and a good shot at the Top 10.

Ray (OKC): How do you feel about Notre Dame's chances to land Sam Young and Chris Stewart to fill two big holes in the current class?
Tom Lemming: The chances are good. Stewart could announce sometime in November, and Notre Dame is right there with Texas A&M and Ole Miss. Young could come down to Florida, Notre Dame and Michigan.

Vernon (Tulsa): After Katrina, we heard a lot about Gulf Coast kids being displaced. What's happened to them?
Tom Lemming: Most of them have the come back to their own programs. At least as far as the big-time Division I players, all of them have found a place to play.

Dave (Mobile, Ala.): Any chance Mitch Mustain is re-thinking his Arkansas commitment with their struggles and the coach in trouble?
Tom Lemming: No. Mitch has made a commitment to the Razorbacks and plans on sticking with it. By the way, Mitch will be a strong candidate for MVP honors next month when we announce our Generation Next All-America team.

Chris (State College): Tom, how do you see Penn State's class shaping up this year? The addition of Maybin and Bell were great and I love our chances with McCoy, Odrick and Logan-El, not to mention A.J. Wallace, P. Taylor and B.J. Walton.
Tom Lemming: Penn State has really come on strong lately. They've moved into the Top 15 and have an excellent chance of moving into the Top 10, especially if they land Walton and Odrick.

Albert (Fredericksburg, Va.): Has any player changed your mind, either good or bad, with their play this season?
Tom Lemming: Yes, several. I believe QB Mitch Mustain, RB Chris Wells and LB Thad Gibson have put together outstanding senior campaigns and, although the season's not over, there are a number of players that have made great strides and we'll be talking about them in the future. I will be updating my Top 100 by the next chat.

Steve (Santa Monica, Calif.): With USC hosting Percy Harvin and LeSean McCoy this weekend, do you expect to see verbals from more top players soon?
Tom Lemming: Yes. They'll start rolling in near the end of the season, and won't stop until Signing Day. All things being equal (scholarship-wise), the Trojans have the best shot at finishing No. 1 overall.

Marie (Altoona, Pa.): Any chance LeSean McCoy will be ready for the All-American game in January?
Tom Lemming: Right now, our plans are to bring him down to make his college choice announcement. Physically, he should be ready, but chances are great that he will not play because he will not be in game shape.

Tim (Grand Rapids, Mich.): Hey Tom, Do you think Michigan will sign another QB in this class besides David Cone? Tim Tebow to UM?
Tom Lemming: If they can get Tebow away from Florida or Alabama, yes. If not, they'll wait 'til next year and pursue Ryan Mallet from Texarkana, Texas.

Robert (Richmond, Va.): Tom, do you think that the recent reports from some writers that Charlie Weis is leaving Notre Dame for the pros is a big attempt to throw off their recruiting success?
Tom Lemming: Yes. That's 100% true. Weis has stated that he plans on staying at Notre Dame until his son graduates college, which would be 10 years from now. And I believe Coach Weis is a man of his word.

Tom (Fairfax, Va.): As for the Hokies, how are we doing so far and who do you think we have a shot of landing?
Tom Lemming: I think Virginia Tech is doing a great job, as always. They have a shot at most of the top players that are still available at Virginia and Pennsylvania, and they're also zeroing in on a few of the state of Florida's top prospects.

Andrew (Columbia, S.C.): Who are your top classes as of right now?
Tom Lemming: Texas is No. 1. Georgia is second. Notre Dame is No. 3, LSU is No. 4, Auburn is No. 5, Pitt is No. 6, then Ohio State, Clemson, Florida and Michigan to round out the Top 10. Penn State is very close to the Top 10. The two schools that everyone needs to look out for are Nebraska and USC.

Bill (Pensacola, Fla.): Will Tim Tebow's injury have any effect on his rank or recruiting?
Tom Lemming: Not much, although I've already moved Mitch Mustain ahead of him as far as QBs are concerned. But it won't have any effect on his recruiting.

Greg (Minneapolis): Where do the Irish stand with Clausen? How do you see it playing out given the fact Notre Dame will sign Frazer and Jones this year? Great work, Tom!
Tom Lemming: I think, at this stage, Jimmy Clausen is looking more at Notre Dame, USC and South Carolina. But things can change.

Andrew (Columbia, S.C.): Tom, what do you think are Notre Dame's chances at landing Gerald McCoy? Is there a possibility that he and LaRon Moore are a package deal?
Tom Lemming: The chances are good, as are Oklahoma's and USC's. But there is no package deal going on; if Notre Dame gets them both, that's fine, but they're not offering one to get the other.
Tom Lemming: Thanks for your questions! We're going to do another chat in two weeks -- by that time we'll have new Top 100, and a lot more news to talk about. Thanks again!

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