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Special: USC-Notre Dame Chat

CHAT LIVE With CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming

Welcome to the CSTV.com moderated chat room!

On Tuesday, October 11 at 4:00 p.m. ET, CSTV recruiting expert Tom Lemming enters the CSTV chat room. Tom will be taking all of your questions on Saturday's USC-Notre Dame showdown.

Tom Lemming

Recognized as the country's leading expert on college football recruiting and high school talent, Lemming's analyses and rankings of the country's leading high school athletes have been regularly featured in national publications. Lemming tirelessly logs thousands of miles each year to evaluate more than 1,000 of the top high school football players across the country. He is also the editor of Prep Football Report, considered to be the "bible of the recruiting industry".

** GET YOUR QUESTIONS IN NOW!!: Tom won't be stopping by until 4:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, October 11th, but feel free to submit your questions now and we'll save them for his arrival!
CSTV.com Moderator: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us for this special chat with CSTV recruiting expert. Tom Lemming. Tom is running a little late this afternoon, but we should be starting shortly.
CSTV.com Moderator: Tom Lemming has joined us.
Tom Lemming: Hi, everyone. I'm here and ready to take your questions.

Joe (Malibu): It seems like USC is mentioned in almost every top recruits list. Who do you think will actually sign on??
Tom Lemming: Right now, it is still too early to say exactly. But I think without a doubt, USC is the number one destination for most of the top players. They are really after Michael Goodson, a RB from Houston, who has already coimmitted to Oklahoma State but is looking at USC. They have very good shots at the nation's top two WRs - Percy Harvin and David Ausberry. Also some of the top prospects in LA - Stafon Johnson and C.J. Gable.

Russel (Lincoln, NE): Notre Dame is bringing in a lot of top prospects this weekend, do you see any of them committing to the Irish? Also is LB Allen Bradford expected to be one of the visitors?
Tom Lemming: Notre Dame is having at least 12 uncommitted players visit. I do expect at least a couple of them to commit to Notre Dame, either publicly or silently. Allen Bradford's grades will keep him from visiting Notre Dame.

Chris (NYC): Tom, The atmosphere in Beaver Stadium on Saturday night really seemed to impress Penn State recurites and might lead to a great recruting class for JoePa. Do you invision the same happening this week at ND. Chris
Tom Lemming: I think moreso. The atmosphere at Notre Dame will be more electric. The Irish are also in on more big name players than Penn State.

Raymond (Chicago): What big time recruites will in South Bend for the showdown this weekend?
Tom Lemming: It is a great group, led by the nation's number one DT Gerald McCoy and three of the nation's top WR prospects, Terrence Austin, Richard Jackson and LaRon Moore.

Zach (LA): With UCLA getting back into the national picture will they be able to lure some talent away from USC
Tom Lemming: They are hoping to, but it will be a tough task. USC has had a stranglehold on the Los Angeles area for the past three years. Despite the Bruins' great start, I still see the Trojans getting just about everyone they offer.

Mike (DC): Talk to me about OL...will any commit to ND this weekend? Also I heard Mustain will be at the game. Is he there for the atmosphere or is interested in Notre Dame?
Tom Lemming: I think the talk of Mitch Mustain being at the game is untrue. Notre Dame will have a couple of OL prospects at the game, but I doubt if any will commit this weekend.

Ryan (BOS): Potentially, how many 5 star recruits can Notre Dame pull in this year? I know they already have 2 in Aldridge and Walls.
Tom Lemming: They already have more than two. They also have Zach Frazer and Demetrious Jones, who are also five star prospects. They are also still after some other five star players like Konrad Reuland, Matt Carufel, Sam Young and Gerald McCoy.

Felipe (LA): Has USC's strength nationally begun to hurt it in california recruiting? It seems like Cal and UCLA are in the hunt for many of the top kids out West.
Tom Lemming: Not really. Despite their being the most talent laden team in the nation, local players still dream about playing for the Trojans.

Walter (Peoria): How much of a role does Notre Dame's academics play in recruiting? Does it hurt or help more in attracting the top players?
Tom Lemming: Good question. Right now, Notre Dame is only able to recruit 52 of the Top 100 players due to grades. But a top notch academic school like Notre Dame is more inviting to the 52 with grades and their academic standing is more attractive to those players.

terry: how many teams are on top of Gerald McCoy's list right now?
Tom Lemming: I would say Oklahoma, USC and Notre Dame are his top three.

John (Minneapolis): Hi Tom, Please give us your assessment of ND class to date.
Tom Lemming: Right now, Notre Dame is third in the nation, very close behind Texas and Georgia. Depending on how this week shakes out, they can pass both of those teams and be number one within a week.

Dave(Chicago): Tom, What do you see as ND's biggest needs are with only so few scoli's left?
Tom Lemming: They are in danger of running out of scholarships before running out of good players. Right now, they are in need of OL, WRs and LBs.

Angelo (Chicago): If USC pounds Notre Dame again, how will that affect the recruits there for the Irish?
Tom Lemming: It may have a negative effect and set Notre Dame's program back a little bit, but won't undo all the good that has been done the past six months.

Barry (Charleston, IL): I know the Irish lost out on Stadler and Brown in the last week. Do you think they have a shot at Chris Stewart out of Texas and is he an early enrollee potentially?
Tom Lemming: Yes, they have a good shot at Stewart if they can hold off Texas A&M, LSU and Ole Miss. He would be a mid-term grad if he signs.

Justin (Charlotte): Are there any Rocket Ismail/Reggie Bush game breakers out there interested in Notre Dame and is the running back from Indiana that already verballed of that mold?
Tom Lemming: The RB Aldridge is more of a power back than a gamebreaker. Of the players left, LaRon Moore and Terrence Austin are the two with gamebreaking ability.

Frank (Allentown): Tom, I've noticed that McCoy, Antonio Randle El, Phillip Taylor, JB Walton and Jared Odrick all are high on Penn State. Is Penn State getting ready for a monster class this year?
Tom Lemming: Penn State could have a great finish, especially if they can land McCoy, one of the top three players in the nation. If they can turn around Logan El and land McCoy, they would have a shot at the top ten. Right now, their class is good, but not great.

David (Long Grove): Tom, Where do you think Mike Morrisey from Stevenson HS will go to play football in college?
Tom Lemming: He would like to play for Michigan State, but the Spartans have yet to offer.

Dave (Cleveland): How is the recruiting effort for the MAC going this year?
Tom Lemming: Not bad. Northern Illinois is off to a good start, as are Ball State, Miami of Ohio and Bowling Green.

J.: Tom, who do you think will win the Big East in Recruiting this year?
Tom Lemming: Pittsurgh has a pretty good lead right now and chances are they will hold on and give Coach Wannstedt a needed infusion of talent. The Panthers have six of the top seven players in Western Pennsylvania committed.

Bob (Seattle): Havn't heard much about Washington this year - how's there recruiting class coming along? Thanks
Tom Lemming: Despite the fact that they lost the state's top player, Taylor Mays, the Huskies are doing a pretty good job. Right now, their key recruit is RB James Montgomery from the Sacramento area.

Keith (Ann Arbor): Do you think Michigan's slow start will effect the type of class they are capable of brining in this year?
Tom Lemming: Not at all. The Wolverines are right in the middle of it with just about every top prospect and should reel in a top ten class by signing day,.

Brett Collson (Philadelphia): Where did you have Tyrell Sutton ranked among this year's freshman running backs? Is he talented enough to be considered one of the top backs in the country?
Tom Lemming: I believe I was the only one that had him on my All-America team last year. The 2005 class was the year of the running back. I ranked Tyrell in the top 20 in the nation in a year that was the best for running backs in the last ten.

Matt (Washington D.C.): Why does the the state of Virginia talent pool get overlooked year after year? Does Damone Boone's bust at Maryland have anything to do with it?
Tom Lemming: Not at all. I consider the Tidewater area of Virginia to be among the top five areas in the country, along with L.A., Chicago, Houston and Dallas.

Blake (Atlanta): When do you plan on updating your top 100 again?
Tom Lemming: It will be updated within the next month and then again after all the playoffs are over. Finally, my last update will come after the U.S. Army All-America Game in San Antonio on January 7.

Will (San Francisco): Tom, Who is your pick for this weekend? Do you think ND can pull off the upset?
Tom Lemming: I'm probably one of the worst prognosticators in the world. I believe Notre Dame will play the Trojans tough. But in the end USC's overwhelming talent will prevail.
CSTV.com Moderator: That is all the time we have with Tom this afternoon.
Tom Lemming: Thanks for visiting and sending in your questions. I look forward to chatting again.
CSTV.com Moderator: Thanks, Tom. And thanks to everyone for your questions.

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