Former Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson

April 11th's Chat Transcript With The Top Running Back In 2007's NFL Draft Class.

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All Day spent some time away from his busy schedule to answer a few questions on college football, his draft prospects and the Sooners from Gallagher's Steak House in midtown Manhattan Wednesday, April 11.

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Widely considered to be the best running back in the 2007 NFL Draft class, Adrian Peterson leaves behind a storied career at Oklahoma where he ran for over 4,000 yards and 41 touchdowns in only 31 games. The owner of numerous Oklahoma and NCAA records, Peterson finished second in the Heisman voting to Matt Leinart in 2004 as a freshman. Moderator: We're here with Adrian Peterson, ready to kick things off
Adrian Peterson: How's everyone doing today. We're ready to start chatting.

Rohit (Norman): What are you going to miss most about being a Sooner and living in Norman?
Adrian Peterson: All the relationships that I built. Just playing in the stadium and the whole college atmosphere.

Oklahoma city: Adrain, what will you be doing now since u have left Oklahoma, what NFL team you trying to go into? Best of luck and I love you man
Adrian Peterson: Cleveland would be a good fit. Right now, I'm just traveling, just enjoying this whole process leading to the draft.

Charles (Scottsdale, AZ): Adrian, Can you talk about how your faith has helped you with the various setbacks and tragic events you've had to go through over the years?
Adrian Peterson: Tremendously, faith is what has gotten me through, trusting God, putting him first, asking to lead and guide me through my good and bad times. Staying on my knees and praying has given me the strength to endure a lot.

Burbank, CA: With the injuries you've had over the last couple years, how has that changed you mentally and physically as you approach a pro career?
Adrian Peterson: Mentally, it's made me a stronger person, dealing with missing those games and whole process of not being out there.

luke (Stillwater): how do you think the sooners will do this coming year?
Adrian Peterson: I think they'll do well. They have some great talent on the offensive side of the ball and the defensive side of the ball.

Evan, New Jersey: What was your most embarassing moment on the football field?
Adrian Peterson: I can't think of any moment right now.

Krista Maib (geary, ok): Do you have any regrets about turning pro before your senior yr... Or do you wish you would have stayed at OU and beat Billy Sims record, and won a heisman, or anything like that
Adrian Peterson: No regrets at all. I've been blessed to play three years at Oklahoma. Unfortunately, it was my time to move on and take it to the next level.

Sean (South Texas): AD, which other teams besides the Cleveland Browns are considering the possibility of drafting you?
Adrian Peterson: Arizona, Buffalo and Tampa.

Jay, New Hampshire: What's Bob Stoops like in the locker room? Is he a big yeller?
Adrian Peterson: Not really. He's a players' coach. He's going to get on you and let you know when you're wrong. Overall, he's a genuine guy.

John, Seattle: Do you think college athletes should be paid?
Adrian Peterson: No. I think the game would change tremendously. People wouldn't work as hard.
Adrian Peterson: Thanks for all the support to my fans. I've got mad love for you. Moderator: That's all for Adrian. He's off to do a few more promotional events for Sprint's exclusive wireless NFL Draft content. wants to thank Adrian for stopping by and taking a few minutes.