Former Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn

April 11th's Chat Transcript With One of The Top Quarterbacks In The 2007 Draft Class.

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Golden Domer Brady Quinn spent a few minutes talking college football, his draft prospects and the Fighting Irish away from his busy schedule Wednesday, April 11 from Gallagher's Steak House in midtown Manhattan.

Brady Quinn

Widely considered to be a can't miss NFL quarterback, Brady Quinn enters professional football as the most prolific passer in Notre Dame history. In his four seasons in South Bend, Quinn broke 36 school records, tied the mark for the most wins in school history and ranks in the top 10 in NCAA history in three different passing categories. He finished third in the 2006 Heisman Trophy voting. Moderator: We're here with Brady Quinn from Gallagher's Steak House where Brady is promoting Sprint's exclusive wireless NFL Draft content, NFL Mobile from Sprint.

Elyse, Indianapolis: Brady, what do you think the biggest change for you is going to be from the switch from college football to playing in the NFL?
Brady Quinn: Just the speed of the game, making decisions quicker, making adjustments on the fly.

Vince, Visalia: Since playing in Coach Weis system, do you feel your transition to the NFL will be smoother and what NFL system do believe you would fit in to quickly?
Brady Quinn: Without a doubt, it's helped me prepare better. We ran a pro offense at Notre Dame so it's not going to be much of an adjustment.

Mike Eckman(California, MD): Brady, How has the burden of the last four years playing for Notre Dame affected you personally?
Brady Quinn: It hasn't been a burden. It's been a great experience. It's made me a better person and prepared me for the real world.

Erin Scott (Villa Hills): Will you go to prom with me?
Brady Quinn: I'm sorry to regret that I won't be able to go to the prom with you as I'm preparing for the NFL draft, but I appreciate the offer.

Pete(Valparaiso, IN): Any visions on making your name in a Dolphin's Uniform
Brady Quinn: I worked out with them yesterday, had a great workout with them and I look forward to speaking with them in the future.

Sarah Indianapolis: What are your takes on Samardzija choosing baseball over an outstanding future football career?
Brady Quinn: He was offered a contract he couldn't refuse. I'm sure he's going to be very successful in baseball.

Ken(Seattle): Brady since the season has ended there have been many questions regarding arm strength and if you can throw the long ball. What would you say to your critics?
Brady Quinn: That's the first time I've ever heard anything regarding my arm strength. I've never had any problems throwing the ball down the field.

Rod Scott Corinth, MS: How do you keep you pipes so cut?
Brady Quinn: People's body composition is based on genetics so part of that is due to my parents and my workouts.

Antoine Charlotte, NC: In your opinion, who will take your place under center for ND this year?
Brady Quinn: Right now, it's too hard to tell. I haven't been able to see any of the spring practices.

Tim - Sacramento CA.: Hi brady, Would you rather get drafted by a team that you could start right away, or by a team you could spend at least a year learning the pro game?
Brady Quinn: Every QB would like to play right away, however I don't know if that's the situation I'll be heading into. I just want to do what's best for my team.

Agoura Hills: Hey Brady I am a sophomore quarterback, and I was just wondering what would you suggest for a high school quarterback to do to get noticed by a college, and how to sharpen ones skills at quarterback to be ready for college ball?
Brady Quinn: The biggest thing is to stay on top of your fundamentals. The biggest thing schools look for is arm strength and accuracy. Continue to develop those skills.

Joe (Cincinnati): Brady, Who is your hero?
Brady Quinn: My parents are my heroes. They've provided so much for me and sacrificed so much for me over my life.

Clint (San Diego, CA): What is the most influential piece of advice that Coach Weiss gave you about transitioning to the NFL?
Brady Quinn: It's a mental game. You have to stay on top of all the mental aspects. Having a short term memory, moving on to the next play.

Lee (Bowling Green, OH): Brady, what game during your time at Notre Dame do you consider your favorite to have played in?
Brady Quinn: Probably the USC game during my junior year because of all the hype. It ended up being one of the most watched games during my career.

Aaron (Indianapolis): Of all the different skills required to play Quarterback (arm strength, intelligence, pocket presence, etc), what do you feel will be the most important for your success in the NFL?
Brady Quinn: Intelligence. A lot of QBs possess the physical skills. But understanding the mental game gives players an edge over others.
Brady Quinn: Thanks so much for all your support. Hopefully we can do this again. Best wishes, God bless and go Irish. Moderator: That's it for Brady. He's off for another promotional event. Thanks for checking in with us.