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September 16, 2019
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Chat Live With Boston University Head Coach Jack Parker

Welcome to the CollegeSports.com moderated chat room!

On Tuesday, April 12th at 11:00 pam. EST, BU Head Coach Jack Parker visits the Tuesday @ The Rink" chat room.

Jack Parker's coaching bio is the stuff of legends.

Since being named Boston University's tenth Head Coach on December 21, 1973, Parker has led the Terriers to a record of 715-370-80. His 715 wins with BU is the most of any college hockey coach at the same institution. He has two NCAA titles, 17 Beanpots, five Hockey East titles and 21 20-win seasons on his resume. This season, Parker led BU to a 23-14-4 mark and its record 20th NCAA Tournament appearance, the most of any active coaches.

Parker has received countless honors including the Spencer Penrose Memorial Trophy as the NCAA Coach of the Year twice. The first was in 1975 when he guided his first team to a 26-5-1 mark, as it was the best major college record in the nation. He also was named Coach of the Year after guiding the 1977-78 team to a 30-2 record and the NCAA title. He has been named New England Coach of the Year four times and Hockey East Coach of the Year three times. Parker was inducted into the BU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Beanpot Hall of Fame in 1995.

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Since 1976, 19 of his players have played in the Olympics, including four members of the 1980 Gold Medal winners (Mike Eruzione, Dave Silk, Jack O'Callahan, and Jim Craig). He has also coached nine players named to ECAC/Hockey East All-Decade Teams and was the Head Coach of the 1996 U.S. entry in the World Junior Championships.

A sparkplug at center for the 1966-68 Terrier varsity teams, the combined record of those three teams was 72-22-4. He played on three Beanpot championship teams and played in two NCAA Tournaments. He captained the team his senior year and was named recipient of the Bennett McInnis Award for Spirit.

While Coach Parker won't be stopping by until 11:00 a.m. EST on Tuesday, April 12, his time will be tight, so feel free to submit your questions now and we'll save them for his arrival!

CollegeSports.com Moderator: Hello and welcome to Tuesday @ The Rink. Today, we have a very special guest with us, as we are joined by Boston University Head Coach Jack Parker.
Coach Parker: Hi, everyone. I'm happy to be here and am ready for your questions.

Tom (Maynard): How will the Chris Bourque departure change your planning for the 2005-06 season?
Coach Parker: Obviously, we are losing a very talented player. He was dynamic and full of confidence and gave the team a lot of confidence. That being said, his production wasn't at the point where we are losing a 25-goal scorer. But he certainly projected to be a great offensive player in this league. Our job will be to help the freshmen and sophomore like Ewing, MacArthur, Roche, et al. We have to help them enhance their numbers from this past year. We also lose three forwards, including Bourque, but we are bringing in five and we expect these freshmen to help out in the offensive end.

Steve (Boston): With Bourque gone, are you going to get an extra recruit with his empty scholarship, or are you going to reward it to someone on the team? I'd say someone like John Curry deserves it after stepping up as much as he did this season.
Coach Parker: We are currently undecided about that at this point. But we are looking at the possibility of bringing in another forward. At the same time, it would be nice to reward players who are currently on the team with some scholarship help.

Jon (Marlborough, MA): What's your favorite Beanpot memory?
Coach Parker: Probably Dave Tomlinson splitting the Harvard defense when we were two men down and scoring a back-breaking goal, which in effect sealed the 1990 Championship Game. The most memorable game was the first one we won, in 1975. We lost to Harvard earlier in the year 7-2 and were both undefeated the rest of the year until the Beanpot Final and then we beat them 7-2 in the Final that year.

Eagles: I have heard a rumor that when chosing the home team for games in the Beanpot, that you and a certain retired coach from Boston College once had two kids in his kitchen flip a coin to determine. Is that true and do you miss those days when the coaches had more close relationships with other coaches then they do now?
Coach Parker: You've almost got it right. Myself and Lenny Ceglarski had to flip a coin over the phone to determine home team. However, we have just as close of aarelationship among the Beanpot coaches or any of the other league coaches in the ECAC and Hockey East. That has not changed and is one of the nice things about coaching college hockey.

Ed - Eliot Maine: Coach Parker - Sir - I salute you as one of the Premier Coaches in College Hockey. Experiencing so many excitinbg Hockey East contests, which game against the late Coach Walsh sticks out above all in your games against MAINE?
Coach Parker: The 1991 Hockey East Championship Game that went into overtime. Shawn McEachern beat Garth Snow with the game winning goal. Without question, those were two of the most talented college hockey teams ever assembled. Another one that jumps out is beating Maine at Maine with a six goal comeback in the only game they lost that season on their way to the Nationahl Championship.

Ming (Wakefield, MA): When players walk out of the BU program (that is, the graduate or leave for the pros), what do you hope they have learned and accomplished from you?
Coach Parker: First, I hope they enjoyed the experience. Next, I hope they took away the idea of team play and an individual's responsibility to team play. Finally, I hope they remember to not take themselves too seriously.

Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, PA: What is it like to have coached so many successful players that have gone onto the NHL and Olympics Gold Medals?
Coach Parker: First, we get a lot of credit for being good coaches because we had so many good players. But most importantly, it gives us a sense of pride that these players were Terriers first, before they went on to bigger and better things.

Tom, Gloucester: Do you feel that incoming college players today place too much emphasis on reaching the NHL as their ultimate goal?
Coach Parker: I feel that incoming players don't understand the worth of enjoying the present. They think that college is a stopover until they can get to the next level. They are usually wrong. Most players don't get a chance to have a long time professional career. And yet, some of them seem to be in a rush to get there. They should enjoy where they are, enjoy the moment.

Ryan (Boston): What arena(s) do you find you have the hardest time coaching in?
Coach Parker: Any arena in Colorado. The atmosphere in Denver or Colorado Springs is always a detriment to the visiting teams. Adn I'm talking about the altitude, not the fans or the rinks.

Dave: Whats your greatest challenge to staying motivated after all these years?
Coach Parker: I'm a very competitive person, so a lot of the motivation comes by way of that competitiveness. In reality, each year is different because of graduations and incoming freshmen, which makes for a new team dynamic every year. Although the challenge each year is to get this particular group of young men to come together as a team, you usually need a different approach each year.

Jimmy: Who do you consider to be the best player to ever wear a BU uniform?
Coach Parker: That is a real difficult question to answer. In reality, there have been any number of great players, from the 50s to the present. In each era, somebody might come up with, "This guy is the greatest BU player." So to single out one is almost unfair.

Chris (Boston): What recruit next year do you see making the biggest impact? What current player do you see making the biggest improvement next season.
Coach Parker: Of the incoming freshmen, I'd look for Higgins or Lawrence to make the biggest impact. Of the returning players, probably Roche or Ewing will make the biggest jump in production.

Andy(Wilmington): Hello coach,from where you stand, what are some of things that have to happen next year for the terriers' to take it to the next level??
Coach Parker: We will need develop more offensive capability, especially on the power play, and to continue our improvement in overall team defense.

Ming (Wakefield, MA): Coach Parker, congratulations on a great season and for receiving the HE COTY award. I know that one of the questions that you ask prospective players is: "So why do you want to play for Boston University?" What are you looking for in the kid's response?
Coach Parker: Usually that they are comfortable with the environment. That they see themselves fitting in because they like the type of players we have away from the rink, as well as on the ice. And they think they contribute in not only improving the on-ice production, but also the chemistry in the dressing room.
CollegeSports.com Moderator: Coach needs to run, so that is all we have time for today.
Coach Parker: Thank you all for your questions and your support of Boston University hockey. I had a great time.
CollegeSports.com Moderator: Thank you for joining us for another session of Tuesday @ The Rink. See you again soon.

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