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April 26, 2018
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Chat Live With Colorado College Head Coach Scott Owens

Welcome to the CollegeSports.com moderated chat room!

On Tuesday, March 29 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Colorado College Head Coach Scott Owens visits the Tuesday @ The Rink" chat room. Colorado College downed Michigan to win the Midwest Regional and advance to Columbus.

Five seasons, 122 victories. A regular-season championship in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association, four consecutive trips to the WCHA Final Five and three appearances in the NCAA quarterfinals. If there ever were any doubts that Scott Owens is a perfect fit at the Colorado College helm, they are long gone.

The 13th head coach in the program's 65-year history, Owens has averaged more than 24 victories per year since accepting the position. CC's 30 wins in 2002-03 tied the team's second highest total ever.


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Owens lettered for four seasons as a goaltender with the Tigers. He later spent four campaigns (1991-95) as a member of the Colorado College coaching staff, serving as recruiting coordinator and playing a key role in the program's revival in the mid '90s. He was promoted to associate head coach for the final two years of that stay. Before leaving to become head coach and general manager of the Des Moines Buccaneers in 1995, he had helped lead CC to its first of five consecutive appearances in the NCAA playoffs as well as two of three straight regular-season championships in the WCHA.

He appeared in 50 games for the Tigers during his collegiate playing career, backstopping 12 victories as the team's No. 1 goalie his senior season in 1978-79. He attended and played hockey at Madison's Memorial High School under coach Bill Howard, another former CC goaltender. Owens then played one season for the St. Cloud (Minn.) Blues of the Mid-West Junior League. He also represented the United States at the 1975 Junior World Championships, competing against teams from Canada, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Russia and Sweden.

While Coach Owens won't be stopping by until 1:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 29, his time will be tight, so feel free to submit your questions now and we'll save them for his arrival!

CollegeSports.com Moderator: Hello again. And welcome to the middle period of today's three part Tuesday @ The Rink. We are now joined by Colorado College Head Coach Scott Owens.
Coach Owens: Hi, everyone. It is a pleasure to be here.

Chris Uhles (Colo Springs): In your words, what was the key to the massive turn around by CC during the Mich. Game?
Coach Owens: In my mind, there were a couple of keys. The first was that there seemed to be no sense of panic on our bench. The composure was there. In the middle of the second period, we were able to gain a little momentum by way of two or three power plays. Once we scored the shorthander to make it 3-2, the entire bench started to believe.

Mike (Minneapolis): Obviously your guys will want to avenge their loss to DU at the Final Five. Can you keep that motivation high until next week and how do you use it?
Coach Owens: I think we can keep that motivation high just by the fact that we are playing our arch-rival Denver. Obviously, the 1-0 loss in St. Paul is on our minds, as it was for the WCHA Payoff Championhsip and the Broadmoor Cup. But the bottom line is that any time CC and Denver meet up, there is good motivation in itself.

Jeremy (Colorado Springs): Coach, what is your biggest concern playing Denver? Also, what does it mean to your team to be playing Denver for the sixth time this season, for the chance to play in the championship game?
Coach Owens: My biggest concern playing Denver is that it is a very veteran team that has played a lot of close games of late. They have experience from last year's Frozen Four. They are playing very well defensively. And I think, with Denver being the home team, they will have the last change. All five games this season, the team with the last change has won. I think the fact that this game is in the Frozen Four makes the sixth meeting even more special. We are excited to be a part of it.

Jeff(Bloomington): Coach, all the talk nationally this year with the Tigers has been focused on the play of Sertich and Sterling. I feel your MVP is Curtis McElhinney. How much of a difference has his veteran presence meant to your team this last month.
Coach Owens: That is a great observation. Marty and Brett do get the majority of attention, and rightfully so. But we have been a team that gives up generally 30 shots a night and our goaltending has been one of the underlying reasons for our success. Curtis' career record is 62-15-8 and that speaks for itself. He has made timely saves for us all season long and we hope his post-season experience will help carry us through the Frozen Four.

Michael (Kalamazoo): Is your tandem of Sertich and Sterling the most dynamic you can remember ever seeing?
Coach Owens: I believe so. In the last six years that I have been coaching college hockey, it is a one-two punch that hasn't been rivalled. In a day and age where goal scoring is down overall, their consistency has been remarkable.

Dean (Grand Rapids): Does this kind of run help people (like USA Today's pollsters) distinguish between CC and CU?
Coach Owens: I certainly hope so! But there are some significant differences, namely we are a small private school with 1950 students and CU is a large state university. It is very important that "College" gets added to Colorado in all instances.

Frank (Duluth, MN): Is there any letdown from facing Denver yet again - or does this rivalry make the matchup even more intense?
Coach Owens: No, not really. If anything we are excited for the chance to avenge the 1-0 loss in St. Paul. We felt we didn't put our best foot forward that night in a Championship Game and we look forward to having another opportunity against the No. 1 team in the country.

jay (colorado springs): great season coach.. would you have rather faced an east coast team? or are you and the team more comforatable knowing your opponant?
Coach Owens: Initially, we were hoping to play somebody outside our league, just for the freshness factor. We see our own teams so often. But, as the days went on, we looked forward to an all-WCHA Tournament and to play our arch-rival. It is a great challenge.

Terry (Manchester, NH): What do you think of the two-week gap ... it has to be strange for your team to have that long a break
Coach Owens: I actually love it right now, this time of year. Don't forget, two weeks ago, we travelled into St. Paul, last week we travelled to Grand Rapids, Michigan and now, we get a small opportunity to catch our breath. There are so many things logistically that need to be gone over and it allows the players, I feel, to put their best foot forward in a National Tournament format.

Glenn, Bend Oregon: How great a goal tender was Eddie Mio, your predecessor at CC?
Coach Owens: Eddie was phenomenal. In those days, he was seeing 50 shots a night. The league was wide open, there was no team defense and CC wasn't that strong. Game in and game out, he was the warrior that gave the Tigers a chance each weekend. I think his nine year NHL career speaks to that as well.

Jonathan (Lafayette Hill, PA): Congrats on another great year. 2 questions: What's the toughest part of preparing your guys against the upcoming game vs. DU given the two late season lossess to them. #2. I've seen CC at CSWA many times. You never seem to lose your composure. Do you think your players pick up on it and incorporate this into their own style?
Coach Owens: that The toughest part is the players have heard everything we are going to tell them on five different occasions this year. Teams don't change a lot, especially successful teams. In one sense, the familiarity is good, in the other sense, getting everybody to listen to it all again can be challenging. Denver can beat you several different ways. They have excellent scoring depth, very strong team defense and, of late, outstanding goaltending. I do think that teams can take on the personality of head coaches and their coaching staffs. I would like to think that the composure and patience this team has had this year has been a positive for everyone.

chris - colorado springs: Coach: Congratulations on a great, great year. The all WCHA Frozen Four is a phenomenal acheivement for the league. Individually, we've clearly dominated the FF in the last 6 or so years as far as the number of National Champs. Still, the New England kids tend to stay in New England, the Minnesota kids in Minnesota. Do you think this continued success is going to open those doors for more kids from the east and midwest to come to schools like DU and CC?
Coach Owens: I think basically student-athletes choose programs that they have a familiarity with. I don't think it is necessarily going to start changing the face of recruiting. In other words, I think eastern players will continue to stay East, western will look West. However, I think players are tracking things much more nationally than ever. But in the end, I think geography has a lot to do with kids' choices.

Randy (Colorado Springs): Coach, by now Denver might know what CC is going to do before (we) do it. Any plans to add a few trick plays like maybe a QB sneak or fake punt?
Coach Owens: Certainly! We are going to split up Sertich and Sterling and change our captain....That will get them thinking. In reality, you really need to stick with the things that have gotten you to this point. I really doubt there will be any significant changes. Two good teams getting after it for the sixth time this year!

Frank (Chanhassen, MN): Both your victories against DU have been on an Olympic Ice sheet. However you played them very well recently on an NHL rink losing in a very tight 1-0 game at the XCEL Center. Many feel it was a game that could have gone either way. What does your team need to do to turn the tide in your favor on the smaller ice surface next Thursday?
Coach Owens: I think that obviously we have to be ready for a more physical game and need to fight through their big defensive corps. But, quite honestly, having played our last four games on NHL sheets, we feel much more comfortable now heading into the smaller surface in Columbus.
CollegeSports.com Moderator: That is all the time we have with Coach Owens today.
Coach Owens: Thank you for all the great questions. I really had a good time answering them.
CollegeSports.com Moderator: And don't forget to join us at the top of the hour for WCHA Commissioner Bruce McLeod. Also, we have an addition to our chats next week. In addition to BU's jack Parker next Tuesday, April 5, we will also be joined by Denver Head Coach George Gwozdecky, who will join us at 11:15 Eastern for your questions. And also, don't forget about April 9 and 7:00 Eastern ad our Championship Chat. See you at 2:00.

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