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CHAT LIVE With Denver Goaltender Peter Mannino

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On Tuesday, February 27 at 2:00 p.m. ET, Denver goaltender Peter Mannino enters the chatroom at "Tuesday @ The Rink", presented by CSTV.com and USCHO.com. The No. 7 Pioneers face rival No. 17 Colorado College in the second half of the Gold Pan series this weekend.

Peter Mannino

Peter Mannino made an immediate impact at the University of Denver as a freshman, and he continues to make an impact for the Pioneers heading into the homestretch of his junior year.

Mannino has an 8-5-1 record in net for the Pioneers this season, and is second in the WCHA with a .925 save percentage and a 2.07 goals-against average. His record includes wins over St. Cloud State and defending NCAA champion Wisconsin, and shutouts at Alaska-Anchorage and against Mercyhurst in the first round of the Denver Cup.

As a freshman, Mannino split time with Glenn Fisher in net, but won the starting job down the stretch and was named Most Outstanding Player at the 2005 Frozen Four, making 85 saves as Denver won its second straight national championship with victories over Colorado College and North Dakota. He also set a Denver freshman record with five shutouts, including three consecutive shutouts en route to a school record scoreless streak of 208:42. As a sophomore, Mannino played 22 games and posted a 12-8-1 record with a .904 save percentage and a 2.71 goals-against average.

A native of Farmington Hills, Mich., played for the USHL's Tri-City Storm and the NAHL's Pittsburgh Forge before coming to Denver.

** GET YOUR QUESTIONS IN NOW!!: Peter won't be stopping by until 2:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 27th, and his time will be limited, so feel free to submit your questions now and we'll save them for his arrival!
CSTV.com Moderator: Welcome back to "Tuesday @ the Rink," presented by CSTV.com and USCHO. We're joined now by our second guest of the afternoon, Denver goaltender Peter Mannino.
Peter Mannino: Hello to my family back home in Michigan, and to all the DU fans gearing up for the big series this weekend.

Nelson (Denver): Peter: Good afternoon and thanks for being here to chat! What was going through your mind in that crazy second period Saturday night? Was it difficult to stay focused when Anderson was calling penalties every time the puck was dropped? Am I mistaken in thinking you touched the puck during the delayed penalty call that ND ended up scoring on? Good luck this weekend against CC!
Peter Mannino: Thanks for the question. Ha, I will admit that was a pretty exciting and intense period on Saturday but pretty much in my position the only thing going through my mind was to keep things from getting out of hand. I just wanted to keep battling through the calls and make sure we kept ourselves in the game. And I am sorry but I do not remember gaining possession during the delayed call. Thanks again for your question.

Ryan (Denver): What was it like going against that Duncan Oshie Toews line last weekend against North Dakota? It seemed like they were all over the ice.
Peter Mannino: Yes, the Duncan, Oshie, Toews line is very talented. Playing against them, you need to stay very sharp and pay attention to their movements on the ice. They read each other very well and have great ice vision. I was excited to play against such a talented line and team and look forward to the possibility in playing against them in the future.

Joe (Aurora): Obviously, you always want to win every game you can, but does anything change in your approach or the team's approach in a weekend like this one, where DU needs to sweep to keep the Gold Pan?
Peter Mannino: I do not think our approach or strategy has changed for any weekend, as we try to stick to our game plan. There are always minor things or patterns that we look at with each of our opponents. But I would be lying if I did not admit how important the Gold Pan is to our school and team. This might be the most highlighted series of the year for us and we are going to take it very seriously, especially after dropping the first two games earlier this year.

Aaron (Willmar, MN): I love chatting with college hockey's great goalies...you and Goepfert are the best in NCAA...with a tough series against CC and the playoffs coming up you and SCSU are two of the hottest teams going...taking at least 3 points from CC how would that set you up from a confidence stand point heading into the WCHA final five and do you think you need to win the Broadmoar trophy to get into the NCAA tourney
Peter Mannino: Thank you very much for the question, and I couldn't agree with you more about these great match-ups. This series being such a great in-state rivalry and facing off against such a talented team as CC, with success I hope we can gain momentum going into the playoffs and take us as far as possible. It would be a great confidence booster for our team to take some crucial points in our last two regular season home games, especially with Senior Night being on Friday.

Dave, Menomonie,WI: Peter, congrats on a great season so far. I think that rotating goaltenders makes DU a more dangerous team, but how do you handle it personally when you know you could be playing every game and putting up win numbers like Elliott or Goepfert?
Peter Mannino: Thank you very much, but coming into Denver I knew the situation of rotating goaltenders, as it has been done in the past with Dubie and Berky before Glenn and I were at the school. And they have had great success at the collegiate and professional levels. Getting into a routine and feeding off each other like Glenn and I do is something we have been used to for the past three years. Pushing each other in practice or in games is something that I think is very helpful when it comes to rotating.

dg (Houston): Thanks for answering our questions With Fisher graduating, you will probably start 30+ games next season. Will that change your off season training? Who's your favorite NHL Goaltender? Whats the key to your Chicken Parmesan?
Peter Mannino: this is a great opportunity to answer questions and has been a lot of fun. But with Fish graduating and the opportunity to play more games next year, I will take more time in the off-season to train and be physically prepared. I believe I will pursue more on-ice training than I may have in the past. But I really won't change too much, I just want to return in good playing shape. Tough question asking my favorite NHL goalie because I have a couple, but I enjoy the different qualities that they all bring to the table. Like Ryan Miller, J.S. Giguere and Roberto Luongo. These guys play such a consistent butterfly style that it is so exciting to watch. And the chicken parm secret comes from a great cook like my mother! Thanks for the question.

Mark (Madison): Peter, good luck the rest of the season.What do you think is the biggest reason for your success in Madtown.Where does Jack Skille rate compared to other players you have faced in overall ability and natural scoring ability.
Peter Mannino: I really enjoying playing in Madison. The environment by the students/fans, the rink and the tradition and success of the team really gets me excited to play there. Every team in the WCHA has its own stand-out player(s) and Jack Skille has that repuation, deservingly so. He has played great consistently and has been a major factor in his team's success. Thanks for the question.

Brett (Denver): How have you felt the impact of the blueline corps growing in front of you since the start of the season? It had to have been rough at first with Matt Carle gone...what's the adjustment been like?
Peter Mannino: Losing Matt Carle was unfortunate and did leave an impact. But I believe our blueline corps has really done a great job of stepping up and maturing as the year has gone on. I think that having two captains on the blueline has really helped on a leadership stance and having other veterans has also paved the way for the younger players to adjust and find their own roles on the team. I think that we as a defensive group have come together and hopefully can continue to grow as far as we can into playoffs.

terry may (denver): hey pete, i came and watched you practice the other day, whats it like having player like ryan dingle and brock trotter shoot on you in practice? Also, what person on your team would you say you have the toughest time stopping in practice?
Peter Mannino: Thanks for stopping into practice the other day. But I could not pinpoint one player on the team because they all have their own unique styles. Brock Trotter has been pretty cold lately in our orange/lemon game but I think that everyone will have his on and off days. But I think Fish and Kings would admit that Coach Lalonde could be one of the easier or easiest shooters when it comes to practice! But like I said I try and have fun and learn from each shooter in his own special way. Thanks again.

Gene (New York): As a DU alum I am looking forward to DU sweeping CC this weekend and keeping the Gold Pan. The team has proven that they can play with and beat the best in the country yet they have also shown that they can struggle. Peter, what do you think the keys are for DU to finish the season strong and have a nice run in the playoffs? Hopefully, you and your teamates will be hoisting the NCAA trophy on April 7th.
Peter Mannino: Thank you for posting the question, and I hope we will follow through with your thoughts. But I agree that the team has shown many flashes of strong and competitive play, along with some bumps in the road. But consistency will be the main component when it comes to playoffs. College playoffs consist of a "one loss and you're done" layout and I think once we get consistent and play at this high level every night, then we will put ourselves in contention for a championship. Our team has a goal to be in that game on April 7th and with our hard work on and off the ice, hopefully it will pay off in the end. Thank you very much for the question and we really appreciate the alumni's support.
CSTV.com Moderator: That is all the time we have with Peter this afternoon.
Peter Mannino: Thank you very much for the opportunity and hopefully I answered all of your questions. I had a great time and thanks for all of the support.
CSTV.com Moderator: That'll do it for this week's "Tuesday @ the Rink" chats here on CSTV.com. Keep checking back for information on next week's guests.