NCAA Tournament questions answered by CSTV's basketball experts

Who was the biggest snub from the NCAA Tournament field?

Pete Gillen

I was disappointed Missouri State didn't get into the Tournament. They finished with a 22-10 record and beat Wisconsin. Syracuse went 10-6 in the Big East and beat Georgetown at the end of the regular season. The committee did a great job putting he field together, but those two teams jumped out as deserving.

Jim Larranaga

Having played against Drexel, and after watching them all season, I think they should have gotten a bid. With their performance in non-conference games, plus five road wins against Top 100 teams, I expected the Dragons in the field. I think there was a lot of competition for the final spots, but all of those spots went to teams in high-major conferences.

Steve Lappas

You have to say Drexel and Syracuse are the biggest snubs this year. Kansas State and Florida State both could be there as well. There were four or five teams that easily could have gotten bids.

Jerry Palm

I never really feel like anyone got snubbed. Every team that got left out gave the committee a reason to leave them out. The two teams that really jump to win, though, are Drexel, with their 13 road wins, and Syracuse and their 10-6 Big East record. Those are the two that I think most people will point at.

Sean Farnham

Drexel has to be considered a snub. They played 18 road games, and went 13-5 in those games, and that is something the committee usually rewards a team for doing. I really think the Dragons should be in the Tournament.